Foster homes are needed to temporarily house cats, dogs, and other pets of all ages and sizes until they are permanently adopted. Foster homes provide shelter, love, trips to the vet as needed, and transportation to regularly scheduled Pet Adoption Days. Pet food, supplies and veterinary care are provided by Carver-Scott Humane Society.

Please read through some of our FAQs about fostering, and if interested, we invite you to come down to one of our Pet Adoption Days (held twice monthly) to meet our dog and cat coordinators and get more information about fostering for CSHS.

Alternately, you can call our message line at 952-368-3553, and leave your contact information for our volunteers to call you back.  If interested in fostering dogs or puppies, leave a message on line 2, or if interested in fostering cats, kittens, or small exotics, leave a message on line 1. You can also email us at with a completed Dog or Cat Fostering application.

Why Foster?

We are unable to take in the many animals in need if we don’t have foster homes available to house and care for the animals. As much as many of us would love to be able to adopt each and every stray animal in need, we can’t. The next best thing is to open your home and heart to a discarded pet on a temporary basis. Feed them, love them, play with them, and when the time comes, celebrate their “graduating” into a permanent home of their very own.

How long can I expect to have the foster pet?

The length of fostering can vary from a week to several months. Ideally, we ask that our fosters keep their foster pet until they can be adopted, although we know that is not always possible. We work with fosters to accommodate their needs as well as the needs of the foster pet, and we prefer that our fosters make at least a six month commitment.

Is the foster able to choose which pet they will foster?

Yes, the foster has the final say in which pets they choose to foster. CSHS will make every effort to match you with a foster pet that works well with your resident dogs or cats, family, and lifestyle.

What are the financial costs of fostering for CSHS?

CSHS assumes responsibility for all necessary veterinary care, but the vet visits must be arranged through our cat or dog coordinators. The costs of fostering an animal for CSHS is minimal, and fostering provides an opportunity for you to welcome a new furry family member on a temporary basis without incurring large veterinary bills.

What are the foster home responsibilities?

  • Provide a safe home environment in which the foster pet can flourish.

  • Transport to necessary vet visits and transport to at least one regularly scheduled Pet Adoption Day a month.

  • Administer any necessary medications.

  • For some dogs, basic obedience training and behavior modification may be needed to make the dog or puppy more adoptable.

  • Dogs require daily exercise and some (not all) dogs may require a fenced yard.

  • Dog fosters should work with their foster dogs on basic obedience, good manners, leash training, and house training.

  • Cats and kittens should have a safe area to sleep and play, preferably with a window.

  • We know that letting go of a foster pet is often the hardest part, but our fosters have input in selecting the right adoptive home for their foster pets.

  • The foster’s own adult pets must be spayed or neutered, and be up to date on vaccinations.

What are CSHS’s responsibilities to its fosters?

  • All pets taken in by CSHS initially have an intake vet visit where they are examined, vaccinated, and micro chipped.

  • CSHS will provide training about our policies and guidance in processing our adoption applications and adoption contracts.

  • CSHS will market the foster pet by: photographing the pet, posting the adoptable pet online, distributing posters of our adoptable animals, Facebook postings, and Pet of the Week features in local newspapers.

  • We can provide advice and resources to help you deal with any challenging behavior problems presented by your foster pet.

  • CSHS holds two regularly scheduled Pet Adoption Days a month where the public can come down and meet our adoptable pets. Regular attendance at our PAD increases the odds of a pet being adopted quickly, although some pets are adopted through our online marketing of pets as well.

Does CSHS only need fosters for cats and dogs?

No, CSHS also has a need for foster homes willing to care for rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, parakeets, and other kinds of animals.