“Your name is Carver Scott Humane Society, don’t you have a shelter? Why can’t I drop off my pet right away?”

This is a common misconception! While the Animal Humane Society is a wonderful resource/establishment we are not directly affiliated with them.  Carver Scott Humane Society is a foster-based rescue with very limited space at our Cat Adoption Center. We do not have a physical shelter where we can immediately accept animals.  

“What do I do if I find an animal?”

Carver Scott Humane Society cannot assist with “found” or “stray” animals at this time.  Click here for more information about what to do with a found animal

“I cannot afford ongoing medication needs for my pet. Can you help?”

The Fur Keeps program is designed to assist clients who are at risk for surrendering their pet.  While we are able to help with medication on a one time basis, we currently do not offer continued financial assistance.  However, there are many programs such as AlleyVet who offer medication and a discounted rate and ship right to your door!

“I am not able to keep my animal and need to drop them off somewhere immediately. Can you take them?”

At this time, Carver Scott Humane Society nor the Fur Keeps program is able to take in same day cases in most instances.  While we have had the rare exception, we encourage anyone who is in an emergent situation and must surrender, to reach out to local impound or Animal Humane Society.  It is important to note that the Animal Humane Society may not be able to take in a pet same day and appointments are required. For more information about AHS’ surrender program, click here

“I don’t like the idea of rehoming my pet.  What if they fall into the wrong hands?”

The Carver Scott Humane Society as a whole (including the Fur Keeps program) uses an Adopter’s Welcome approach to each and every adoption.  We work hard to have a conversation with potential adopters instead of asking yes or no questions.  This helps everyone better understand the animal in need!

“I have cats living outside near my house, they are friendly, I need to surrender/rehome them.  Can you help?”

The Fur Keeps program is not able to help with strays/outdoor cats at this time.  For information about providing spay/neuter services to outdoor cats, you can look to AHS’ Community Cat Program, or Alley Cat Allies – the best resource for information about community and feral cats on the web.

“My animal needs emergency surgery.  Please help!”

The Wilson’s Memorial Fund is set up for situations just like this! Please fill out our Fur Keeps Intake Form and one of the Fur Keeps advocates will be with you as soon as possible. 

“I have to move and cannot afford the pet deposit, can you assist?”

Depending on location and income qualifiers, the Fur Keeps program may be able to assist with pet deposits!  Please fill out our Fur Keeps Intake Form and check out our income/location guidelines.

“I have to move and can’t have my animals with me until I find a new home.  Can you temporarily take my animals?”

The need for temporary/emergency fostering is in high demand! Unfortunately, we are not yet able to provide that resource.  We encourage you to make lists of family/friends to see if they would be able to assist during this time.  We look forward to being able to offer this service in the near future.