As you know, FurKeeps has been a point of pride at CSHS since it's inception in 2016. Both because it allows us to save more Minnesota animals, and because of the lasting impact it has on the families we serve.

As of 10/31/2018, CSHS will place our intake diversion and Wilson's fund initiatives on hold for approximately two months while we make some BIG changes. These changes will include technology and infrastructure updates that will allow us to serve clients more efficiently (we will be incorporating some awesome new elements into our website, developing a new FurKeeps database, etc.). In addition, we will also be using the time to catch up with our existing clients, get our data in order, and recruit new advocates likes crazy. If you’re interested in becoming a FurKeeps advocate, apply using the “Join Us” link in the top right.

-Mandi Wyman

Executive Director