Fur Keeps

Fur Keeps

At Carver Scott Humane Society, we recognize that surrendering your animal is a difficult choice, and we want to provide support, guidance and alternative opportunities for you and your pet.

As part of our new Fur Keeps initiative, our goal is to keep pets at home where they belong- with you! This can mean providing resources for affordable veterinary care, food and supplies. It can also mean assistance with behavior modification, or training support. We will do our best to provide you with the help you need to keep your beloved family member at home where they are happiest. Guidance is also available to help you responsibly rehome your pet so they do not have to be surrendered to a rescue or shelter.

Financial assistance may be available for residents of Carver and Scott Counties. However, anyone may contact us for resources, guidance and support regarding surrender and rehoming.

Please email our Fur Keeps team at fur-keeps@carverscotths.org for assistance in keeping your companion animal at home or guidance in rehoming your pet. 

As our intake priority is saving at-risk dogs and cats from local impounds, please note that we currently have a wait list for both dogs and cats. CSHS cannot guarantee intake for a surrendered animal. A donation at the time of your surrender appointment is required. 

Resources for Keeping Pets at Home

The “Sentibots”, an Eastern Carver County Schools Community Ed middle school robotics team, partnered with CSHS for their 2016/17 First LEGO League Competition. Students were given the challenge to improve human and animal interaction. The Sentibots created a website to provide resources, information, and helpful tips for people hoping to avoid surrendering their family pet. You can visit it here! 

They also created fliers that can be distributed in your community! You can download them for free here (each file is a 1236 x 1697 px .jpg file and can be printed on 8×10 paper):

roadblocks        infographic

For affordable vetting options, including spay/neuter services, please consider contacting one of the following veterinary clinics:

The Humane Society of the United States also has a page dedicated to national and state resources for pet owners in need.

For resources regarding cat and dog behavioral challenges, understanding dog body language, and helping children learn proper introductions to pets, we recommend products from Dr. Sophia Yin, as well as utilizing ASPCA’s Pet Care pages. For cats in particular, the ASPCA’s Cat Care page offers excellent guidance, and HSUS’ Guide to Cat Behavioral Counseling can’t be beat. If you are a caretaker for community cats, Alley Cat Allies provides excellent education and support.

For behavioral concerns with dogs, we highly recommend the following APDT-certified trainers that have extensive canine behavioral experience:

For pet food support, please contact us and we will work with you to secure pet food for your companion animal. Starting in January of 2017, CSHS will be supplying pet food to qualified clients through the Scott Carver Dakota CAP Agency Food Shelf in Shakopee, MN.