A comprehensive service plan

2018 Intake by Location

*does not include animals born in care

Serve Where You Save was born out of the idea that the best way to help healthy pets was to prevent them from coming into rescue in the first place! This means that we work directly with the communities where our animals come from, and provide supportive services to prevent surrender. Because we have limited resources, we’ve chosen to focus those resources on Minnesota. We serve and save Minnesota pets and their people - and most of our animals come from right here in the Twin Cities! We work with animal control and shelters to transfer dogs and cats to our organization - where we can provide the vetting and care they need before they are adopted out.

Serve Where You Save allows us to focus on where our help is needed most, diving into the deeper causes for animals entering the system. Before we adopted this pillar, 66% of the animals we took in were owner surrenders or strays. That meant that we were using less than half of our intake capacity to help local impounds. Once we introduced FurKeeps, our intake diversion program, and TNR for community cats, it transformed the type of animals that we saved. After Serve Where You Save was implemented, our surrenders dropped to 3%, and 79% of our animals were transferred in from other shelters, impounds, and animal control facilities. This effort not only increased our live release rate to 97%, but allowed us to be better community partners, giving the agencies we were serving the chance at higher live release rates as well!