Give To The Max Day!

November 15th, 2018

Help us reach our $50,000 goal to relocate to a bigger space which will help us continue to serve 100% MN dogs and cats. Your donation will provide emergency vet assistance, preventative vaccinations, pet food and toys, and numerous other services for animals in need across Minnesota.


Our Four PIllars


Serve Where You Save

We believe that to best prevent animals from entering the rescue system, we need to offer comprehensive services to the community where we intake our animals from. That means a targeted approach, so CSHS only rescues dogs and cats from Minnesota, and over 80% of our animals come from local impounds.

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Fur Keeps

Keeps pets with their owners through the good times and the bad. Instead of automatically surrendering a pet, we provide resources, assistance and training to help families and pets stay together—from consulting and training to providing funds for emergency surgeries to helping families through hardship by providing pet food. Pets are almost always better off staying with their families.

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Adopters Welcome

Lowering adoption barriers between good animals and good homes.

We have a big-picture approach to adoptions that recognizes that animals in our care can find great homes without the need for intensive scrutiny and judgment.

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Trap. Neuter. Return.

Trap Neuter Return program for feral and community cats, as well as education and support for caretakers and independent TNR volunteers to prevent unplaceable cats from being turned in as strays or surrendered

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