Keeping pets where they belong


The goal of our Fur Keeps division is to keep pets at home where they belong, and prevent healthy and adoptable animals from entering the shelter/rescue system. We do this by providing resources for affordable veterinary care, food, supplies and training support. On occasion, we recognize that surrendering your pet is unavoidable. For that, we offer assistance responsibly re-homing your pet. Fur Keeps offers three programs (keep scrolling to learn more about each program):

  • Shelter Diversion (surrender prevention, re-homing, basic veterinary care, etc.)

  • Wilson’s Fund (emergency veterinary support)

  • Food Shelf support (in partnership with our local CAP Agency)

Fur Keeps can do a lot for you and your pet. If you need help, please email fur-keeps@carverscotths.org.

Unfortunately, we can do a lot for your pet, but we can’t do everything. Here are some of the things we can’t do… we do not offer temporary foster homes; we cannot accept stray or found animals; perform TNR (trap neuter return) services; or provide immediate surrender services. For more information on these and other topics, please review our Fur Keeps FAQ.

If you’d like some options for affordable vet clinics, websites on training and behavior, and contact information for local professional trainers, please check out our Vet & Training Help page.


Who can we help? 

If you live in Carver, Scott, Dakota or SW Hennepin counties, and you are in need of financial support to care for your pet, please reach out to us: fur-keeps@carverscotths.org. When you email or call, be sure to share the following information:

  • First & Last Name

  • Email Address

  • Phone Number

  • City of Residence

  • Explanation of situation/need

Financial assistance is currently available only for residents of Carver, Scott, SW Hennepin, and Dakota Counties and income qualifying candidates at this time. However, anyone may contact us for resources, guidance and support regarding surrender and re-homing.

 Shelter Diversion

Is your cat peeing outside the litter box? Do you have to move and you can’t take your pet with you? Did you move into a new apartment, and your landlord requires that your dog or cat is fixed and up to date on their shots? Does your dog need training so they can fit into your family better? Our Shelter Diversion team can help. We can walk you through practical solutions to common issues. In addition to resources and support we can even help with veterinary care or training expenses.

Food Assistance through CAP partnership:

Carver Scott Humane Society is a proud partner of the Scott, Carver, Dakota CAP Agency. We provide cat and dog food to their food shelf. A two week supply of pet food is provided per pet, per family, once within a calendar month. We also provide our food shelf clients connections to other resources for pet food, vaccinations, spay/neuter, etc. If you are in need of immediate food assistance, please contact the CAP Agency Food Shelf, located in Shakopee. 

Wilson’s Memorial Fund – Emergency Care

Wilson’s Fund was designed to assist families facing the difficult decision of euthanasia or surrender due to an emergency medical situation where immediate funds are not available. Wilson’s Fund Candidates must have an immediate life-threatening injury or illness that requires prompt veterinary attention. Quality of life and long-term prognosis and care will be considered when determining approved candidates.

Wilson’s Memorial Fund will pay 50% of the service with a $1,000 maximum. All services must be approved in advance by Carver Scott Humane Society management, and appointments must be made by Fur Keeps staff with approved vet partners.

Potential medical needs for Wilson’s Fund clients could include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Urinary blockage

  • Foreign body/Obstruction

  • Pyometra

  • Bloat

  • Bite Wounds

  • Lacerations

  • Hit by Car

  • Parvo (out-patient only – Colorado protocol)

Wilson’s Memorial Fund does not cover the following:

  • Maintenance medication or prescription food

  • Ongoing conditions or treatments (diabetes or chemotherapy)

  • Testing or diagnostic work unrelated to emergency care

  • Routine care (spay/neuter or vaccinations)

Additional information about Wilson’s Fund:

  • Wilson’s Memorial Fund will only cover one pet per household

  • Wilson’s Fund will not be awarded to “reimburse” clients in cases where treatment has already started, completed and/or the animal has fully recovered

  • Our vet partner will provide only the necessary care to treat the animal with the most humane outcome available

  • If the animal is not spayed/neutered, the itemized estimate will include spay/neuter costs