Volunteer FAQs

Volunteers provide a critical connection between Carver Scott Humane Society and our communities.  Volunteers bring needed skills, connections, insights and resources. They also serve as valuable advocates and public relations ambassadors to further the mission and vision of our organization! To learn a little more about what it’s like to volunteer with CSHS, check out the FAQ below!


+ Who can be a volunteer?

We have a minimum age requirement of 12 years old and until you reach the age of 16, you must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Our volunteers need to be supportive of our four pillar mission. Carver Scott Humane Society Volunteers must be compassionate toward animals. In addition, it is important that volunteers have a positive attitude and work well in a team environment.

+ Do I need to have experience to volunteer?

For most volunteer positions, prior experience is not necessary. But if you have special training, skills or talent you'd like to share with CSHS, please let us know!

+ What kind of commitment do you ask of your volunteers?

There is no specific length of time you are committed to, however, we ask all regular volunteers to commit to a minimum of 6 months. This would not apply to students completing projects or volunteer hours for cirriculum requirements. If you choose a position that requires a set schedule, we ask that you honor the schedule and provide a two-week notice if you are departing. We do expect a high level of professionalism from our volunteers.

+ When can I start and will I have training?

Often times, we can start your training immediately after you have been approved to volunteer. In all cases, training will be appropriate to the position.

+ Can I just volunteer to walk the dogs?

All of our dogs are in foster homes, and don't stay with us at the Adoption & Wellness Center. But there are a lot of ways to support the dogs and puppies of CSHS! If you are 18, you may volunteer at dog adoption events. You can also join the vetting team, or volunteer at our Wellness Clinics.

+ Can I volunteer to receive community service hours or school credit? Do you have opportunities for businesses or groups?

Can I volunteer to receive community service hours or school credit? Do you have opportunities for businesses or groups?

We can accommodate many volunteer opportunities for specific timeframes, reasons and credit hours.

+ I don’t have a computer or email–will this be an issue?

Yes, nearly all of our communication is electronic. Volunteers will need to access e-mails and are encouraged to use social media.

+ I have an allergy to pet dander; are there positions that I could help with anyway?

Yes! We have positions where you can work from home, or help with administrative tasks, social media and fundraising. We have many events where volunteers would not be required to handle animals.

+ I want to foster animals; can I also volunteer in other areas?

Yes! Fosters are volunteers and are encouraged to participate in other areas.

+ I have a question not addressed here. Who can I contact?

Please contact the Volunteer/HR Manager Leslie Johnson: Leslie.Johnson@carverscotths.org