How can I help?

We’re so glad you asked! Here are just a few ways that your generosity can help us serve and save Minnesota pets and their people!

Financial Gifts


Click on the “Donate” button in the top right corner of our page - it’s an easy and quick way to make an immediate impact on our ability to help more animals. Don’t forget - CSHS is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation, which means your donation is tax deductible! Our EIN is 41-1638325.

Corporate Match

Do you work for an organization that offers a donation match? If you don’t know, you should ask! If your company does offer a match, don’t forget to use it to DOUBLE the impact of your financial gift to CSHS! Don’t forget that some companies offer donations for the volunteer time you put in!

Planned Giving

How will your legacy of animal care live on? There are many ways to incorporate gifts to CSHS into your estate planning. And keep in mind that you can name CSHS as one of your insurance beneficiaries - which is a great way to make a substantial gift without a substantial impact on your budget. You can also set up a trust for your pet to ensure their ongoing care. For more information about Planned Giving options, email

In-Kind Gifts (i.e. donating stuff and things)

Looking to donate some stuff and things? Doing some spring cleaning? Prefer donating from the comfort of your couch and your Amazon Prime account? Consider an in-kind gift! We are always looking for donations of food, supplies and more! Check out our Amazon Wish List for an up-to-date list of our most critically needed items, and follow our Facebook page so you’re in the loop and see all of our latest needs when we post them!


This is the most selfless thing you can donate to CSHS - your time! We are always in need of people who want to join our team and work hard along side us as we help pets and their people. Cat Care Team, Wellness Clinics, Vetting Team, Foster Homes, Reception, Events, Fundraising, and more! Check out our volunteer opportunities and FAQs to learn more about donating your time to CSHS.